BC’s Best Summer Fruit Beer

It honestly feels like every brewery in BC has some sort of fruit themed beer at the moment. And I really can’t blame them; if you look at what people want for a summer beer it tends to be something light, easily drinkable and with bold flavour that isn’t necessarily based on a hop-forward profile.

So with all the available fruit beer on the market, what are some of the best to have stocked in the fridge for the day at the beach? Here’s a few to get you started, but remember there are many, many more out there:

Postmark Raspberry


Postmark recently expanded their can selection by unveiling Raspberry in a bright pink can.  Local all natural raspberry puree gives this summer vibes Session Ale a refreshingly tart flavour and a bold fruit finish.

4.7 ABV
17 IBU

Steamworks Tropical Tart Ale


I wrote about this new offering from Steamworks earlier but felt it was worth repeating. This tart ale is good, surprisingly good. I’d be able to crush a whole 4-pack to myself and not even blink an eye.

4.9 ABV
15 IBU

Granville Island Raspberry Ale


Another strong raspberry ale, this one from Granville Island took home silver in the 2013 Canadian Brewing Awards. Well-balanced with raspberry colour, aroma and finish, it pairs well with summer salads, fresh air and sunny afternoons.

4.5 ABV
11 IBU

Brassneck ‘Fruit of the week’

So this one is a bit of a cop-out since I can’t really give you a straight answer with Brassneck. What I can tell you is they’ve been steadily releasing variant fruit beers over the course of the last few months and each has been excellent. Right now (as of mid-July) there is a Gooseberry Changeling on tap which is tart without being overpowering.

Bomber Parklife Passionfruit Ale


A refreshing Blonde Ale infused with passion fruit for a crisp tart flavour and full tropical aroma. This is like a radler paired with a sour, which makes for a very easy to drink beer.

4.5 ABV
15 IBU


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