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East Van Brewery Walking Tour

The  best thing about the growth of Vancouver’s brewery industry (aside from all the delicious beer) is that most of the breweries are concentrated in areas that make it extremely easy to travel between. Whether it’s walking or biking, there are a number of different brewery tours that can be had. On the Victoria Day long weekend, we plotted an easy one out which is definitely worth a try:

Stop 1: Parallel 49


Kicking off the tour, start at the most eastern end of the bunch with Parallel 49. Flights only cost $4 and right now not only are they pouring a number of different Brews Brothers collaboration beer, but you can also get some of the summer seasonals like the apricot sour.

Stop 2: Storm Brewing


I talk about Storm a lot, like borderline obsessive, but honestly no tour of east van would be complete without a stop at Storm. You can have six generous samples of whatever they’ve got on tap that day and I highly recommend the Basil IPA, Apple Pie, Whiskey Stout or Imperial Flanders Red Ale.

Stop 3: Callister Brewing


Callister is relatively new but makes a great impression and addition to the east van brewing scene. Local artwork hangs on the wall and while flights can get a bit pricey, mine was $9, the beer is excellent. My picks, the Saison and the Belgian Ales.

Stop 4: Powell Street Brewing


Powell Street has been winning awards since they opened their doors at the much smaller operation down the road (now Doan’s), and it’s easy to see why. The regular beer is excellent, but the seasonal and collaborations, currently two with Fuggles and Warlock, are by far my favourite.

Optional stops: Doan’s/Strange Fellows

Let’s say for a moment, four breweries isn’t enough for you, well there are options. Doan’s is nearby Storm  so you could technically make that your second or third stop. Or after Powell Street it’s only a quick hop and a jump down to Strange Fellows on Clark. Going that route means you could even add on Bomber and Off the Rail which all included makes this a eight stop tour, which is one hell of a night.

I’d personally split that up four and four, eight gets to the point where you aren’t even tasting the beer anymore.

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 4.09.13 PM


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