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How to Pour a Czech Lager

Not all foam is bad foam.

You might think that pouring a Czech lager is just like pouring any other beer, but there’s a nuance to Czech lagers that if poured right, offer a completely different drinking experience than you would expect.

One of the best resources for understanding the different ways of pouring a Czech lager comes from the world renowned Pilsner Urquell. Urquell outlines the three different ways, one might pour a lager: The Hladinka, Šnyt, and Mlíko. These all have a different flavour from a different amount of golden lager and dense, wet foam.

But why would you want to pour a lager in different ways? The foam really does affect the beer’s flavour. Tapsters created the Hladinka, Šnyt, and Mlíko for different foods and different beer lovers.

The Hladinka is the standard Pilsner Urquell pour, with three fingers of foam on top of the golden lager. That thick head of dense, wet foam gives the beer a perfect balance of sweetness and bitterness while sealing in freshness and flavour. Crisp, refreshing and delicately bitter, the Hladinka pairs perfectly with rich foods like duck.

The Šnyt, pronounced ‘shnit’, has two parts beer, three parts foam and one part empty space at the top of the glass. It’s not as filling as a large beer, but more refreshing than a small beer. If you’re eating hearty food like goulash or a burger, order a Šnyt.

The creamy Mlíko brings out the rich aromas of the Saaz hops and the sweetness of our malt. It’s a glass full of wet foam with just a bit of beer at the bottom. The Mlíko tastes best with dessert.

Each option provides a different drinking experience; one beer, three different ways. Next time you’re interested in a Czech lager, see if you can get it poured a different way than you’re used to.

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