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Beer of the Month: Sober Carpenter’s Organic Session IPA

Being sober doesn't have to be boring

In year’s past, Dry January used to mean going completely cold turkey with anything that even resembled alcohol, making it that much harder to power through the entire 31 days of the month. But, in the last few years we’ve seen strong growth in the non-alcoholic craft market, and there are now a wide variety of de-alcoholized spirits and beers to choose from. Fortunately, these options are only getting better and better, with Sober Carpenter being a perfect example of how far the category has come.

Sober Carpenter is a non-alcoholic craft beer brewery created by two brothers. Passionate about beer for many years, they began trying their hand at craft brewing in their parents’ basement: experimenting with recipes and perfecting their style. After starting their own families, they wanted to keep their social life active while reducing their alcohol consumption. It was only natural when they turned to non-alcoholic beer.

While the company has a range of classic styles to choose from, like their Blonde Ale, Irish Red and IPA, it’s the Session IPA that makes our beer of the month.

Made with 100% galaxy hops, the Session IPA is exceptionally bright and tropical, with an intense aromatic profile and a moderately bitter finish. It also happens to be the first organic non-alcoholic beer in Canada.

This beer proves that just because you chose to go non-alcoholic doesn’t mean you have to give up on taste. There’s plenty of hop profile for the beer lover, with practically none of the guilt. It’s even less than 80 calories per can, for those also looking to cut back on the carbs.

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