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Port Coquitlam’s Taylight Brewing Announces Closure

A sad day for Port Coquitlam

It’s never fun reporting on a closure of an independent craft brewery, and especially so when one is so young.

Port Coquitlam’s Taylight Brewing announced via Facebook today that they will be closing their doors as of Friday, November 5th. Opened in August of 2018, Taylight, like many other small businesses was hit hard during the pandemic and simply can no longer sustain their operations.

This is a major blow to the local brewery scene, as Taylight is one of a handful of breweries in the Coquitlam/Port Coquitlam scene, and was most recently featured in the newly established “North of the Fraser” BC Ale Trail.

The Taylight team expressed their sincere appreciation to their community, and hope that the next few days will be filled with positivity and celebration. Those with gift cards to the brewery are encouraged to redeem them over the next few days, and all inventory will be available at discount.

You can see their entire announcement below:

Dear Loyal customers,

We opened our doors to the public in August 2018 and were immediately welcomed warmly by members of our community. We instantly fell in love with our regulars and although our passion to brew delicious beer was always strong, it continued to grow. We intended to foster an inclusive space to share, admire and enjoy the art of craft beer within our growing community. Although one may say that we are just a brewery, we feel we have made a positive impact in our community and to many individuals. We have witnessed strangers become lifelong friends, families of two grow into families of three, four and five. We have connected with so many of you and are extremely grateful for that. ❤

However, I think we can safely say that the last twenty months have been the most challenging time for everyone. We have tried our best to stay positive, continue to push forward and create new and exciting brews that all can enjoy. However we regret to inform you that the effects of COVID 19 has unfortunately caught up to us and we will no longer be able to keep our doors open for the foreseeable future.

We cannot thank you all enough for your constant support throughout the last three years. We truly feel the love which makes this so much harder to do. We are saddened to know that we are not the first and most definitely won’t be the last small business to shut the doors due to the lingering effects of this unprecedented pandemic.

It is with heavy hearts to say that we will be closing our doors at the end of the evening on Friday, November 5. We encourage everyone who has a gift card to please, come on in and use it. We will be heavily discounting our products to move as much inventory before we shut the doors. Let this be the Last Hoorah and we hope to see all the familiar faces over the next couple of days.❤💗🍻

Lots of love,

Taylight Brewing

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