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Toronto’s 10 Best Cocktail Bars

It's hard to compete with a city with this much variety.

As Canada’s largest city, Toronto certainly has a wealth of places to choose from when it comes to a night out on the town. The nice part about the cocktail scene in Toronto is the sheer abundance of variety; from classic speak easy’s to dedicated mezcal bars, whatever you are in the mood for, you’re likely to find it.

That being said, there are a few cocktail bars that have truly elevated the cocktail scene in Toronto, and are worth experiencing at least once.

Here are the top 10 cocktail bars in Toronto:

Bar Raval

Bar Raval

Bar Raval is an incredible cocktail bar, one that rivals some of the best bars in the world. It is consistently listed as one of the best bars in Canada, and just stepping into the doors it’s easy to see why. The incredible interior hints at the creativity behind the bar, with cocktails that are designed to offer an escape from the ordinary.



We’ve written about BarChef before as one of our featured Sipping Spotlight bars, so clearly we are enamoured with the space. There’s something truly magical about the cocktail creations here, they are an expression of art in liquid form. With a menu focused around the cocktail experience, this is an elevated night out that is hard to forget.

Civil Liberties

Civil liberties.jpg

Civil Liberties is unassuming, so at first glance it may not be obvious why this is one of the best places to drink in the city. However, there is serious complexity hiding behind the simplicity. First of all, there is no menu to be had. Why? They believe that every drinker is unique, so tell them what you are in the mood for and they’ll take it from there. Everything is on the table, from a simple beer to the most complex cocktail creation. It’s the kind of bar that makes you feel right at home.



Daisy is in a word, stunning. The bar is perfectly suited for an Instagram worthy evening, complete with a repurposed elevator as a mirrored infinity room. While the cocktail program may not go as experimental as some others on this list, the line up is solid and will satisfy most cocktail drinkers. This is the girls night out destination.

El Ray


El Ray is the place to be if you are in the mood for Mezcal. They have a wild selection of Mezcal for every taste, and cocktails that highlight the unique flavours of this special spirit.



Mother knows best; at least the team at this cocktail bar do. High quality cocktails are made with fresh, locally foraged ingredients, including their own house fermented ingredients. Focusing on their own fermentation makes sense considering ‘Mother’ stems from a nickname for a Scoby yeast culture used in kombucha making.



PrettyUgly is the type of bar you want to hole up in all night. The dark, cozy atmosphere paired with cocktails focused on local, seasonal and sustainable ingredients makes for a perfect pairing. They also have a well thought out zero-proof selection, for when you’re not feeling like drinking anymore.

Project Gigglewater

Project Gigglewater

The secret is out around Project Gigglewater. In a very short period of time, the bar has established a reputation in Toronto for its fun and experimental cocktail program. Ranging from delicate to boozy, and everything in between, Project Gigglewater is the kind of place you go for good cocktails and to catch up with friends.

Supernova Ballroom (CLOSED)

Supernova Ballroom

Supernova Ballroom comes from the brilliant mind of Kelsey Ramage who spent years promoting the Trash Tiki movement. The bar pushes the envelope with its mix of funky decor, zero waste cocktails and high brow concepts. Its a mix that we didn’t know we needed until we experienced it.

The Shameful Tiki Room

Shameful Tiki.jpg

The Shameful Tiki is an original Vancouver creation that has been so well received that it made sense to expand into the Toronto market. Shameful specializes in recreating the classic tiki experience; from the tropical decor, to the shared flaming punch bowls it’s more than just a night out for a drink, it’s like being transported to a tropical island.

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