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The Best Low Alcohol Beers

Great things can come in small packages.

Low alcohol doesn’t have to be a bad thing, in fact a lot of craft beer is being designed to be sessionable, meaning you can drink a lot more than normal before you start feeling it.

For a beer to be “low alcohol” generally it runs under the 5% ABV mark. However, a true low alcohol beer is likely to sit somewhere in the range of 2.5%-3%, making the alcohol content practically negligible.

This doesn’t mean that low alcohol beers have to compromise on taste though; that’s a bad reputation left over from the major beer labels and their poorly made “light” beers.

To start exploring the world of great tasting low ABV beers, start with the list below. There are plenty more to discover once you’ve gotten a taste for what light craft beer has to offer.

Jester King: Le Petit Prince

Le Petit Prince.jpg

Le Petit Prince is an excellent example of a farmhouse table beer that doesn’t compromise on taste while still only coming in at 3% ABV. It’s grassy, slightly funky and zesty, and a perfect beer to open on any occasion.

Halycon Barrel House: Life Advice

Life Advice.png


Coming out of Beau’s Brewing in Ontario, Life Advice is fermented with saison yeast and a custom mixed culture of Ontario wild yeasts, and lactic acid bacteria. It is barrel aged, bottle conditioned and a sessionable 3.5% ABV. The aroma is mild and fruity, with subtle peach, apple and wine.

Partake Brewing: Pale Ale

Partake Pale Ale.png

Coming in at an amazing 0.5% ABV, this beer has practically no alcohol in it whatsoever. But the amazing thing is this pale ale won the best low alcohol pale ale at the World Beer Cup in 2018. Drink as much as you’d like, it’s practically hangover free and even better it’s only 10 calories per can.

Ballast Point: Mango Even Keel

Ballast point.png

If you’re an IPA fan, then this session IPA is the right choice for you. At only 3.8% ABV this hoppy, session ale gets a flavour boost from mango, which perfectly plays off the citrusy hop bouquet.

Lindemans: Kriek


Lindeman’s has been making low alcohol beer taste great for decades, and the Kriek is a prime example. Starting with a lambic base with the addition of fresh sour cherries and due to the use of filtrate and pasteurization, this kriek is sweet and fruity. It’s only 2.5% and drinks like juice.


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