Six Stouts For International Stout Day

Who doesn’t love a good stout? On a cold winter’s day, a stout can warm the bones and give that satisfying weight that many spring/summer beers just can’t duplicate.

In Canada we make great stouts. There are so many to choose from it can be an overwhelming proposition to pick just one. That’s why for this International Stout Day, (November 3rd) we’ve chosen six of the best stouts across the country to help you narrow down your options. Just be careful, some of these stouts pack quite the punch!

Dieu du Ciel: Péché Mortel


This beer is incredible, and no self respecting stout list would leave it off. There’s a reason that beer drinkers around the world celebrate Peche Mortel day. Dieu du Ciel sets the bar high.

Bomber Brewing: Bomber Russian Imperial Stout


This multi-award winning stout from Bomber Brewing is a knock out. It already defies tradition by packing in 9.5% ABV into a tall can, and the taste gives off strong notes of toffee, chocolate and of course booze.

Lighthouse Brewing Company: Seaport Vanilla Stout


This is a well balanced stout, rich and creamy with a hint of sweetness. The true secret behind this stout is the pure Madagascan vanilla beans paired with roasted malt with a hint of chocolate and coffee.

Bellwoods Brewery: 3 Minutes to Midnight


Bellwoods is great at a lot of beer styles, and their stout is no exception. Based on their award-winning recipe that debuted at Cask Days 2012, this rich and complex imperial stout gains a complexity that can only come with age, aided by the addition of cherries, raspberries, and cocoa nibs.

Black Bridge Brewery: Milk Stout


Black Bridge has only been in Saskatchewan for a few years, but they’ve already managed to make a mark, especially with this milk stout. The barley is roasted and unmalted and the beer gives off an aroma of dark chocolate and dried fruits.

St. Ambroise Oatmeal Stout


St. Ambroise may not be the best stout on this list but it deserves respect, quite frankly it’s one of the OG stouts made in Canada and a case could be made that none of these others would even exists without its influence.


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