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Postmark Brewing Partners with the Pacific Salmon Foundation

I have always said the BC craft beer industry is one of collaboration, community and care. That’s no better reflected than in the latest partnership with Postmark Brewing and the Pacific Salmon Foundation.

Postmark has unveiled the PSF Lager, a a custom craft session style lager in a new silver 355ml can, along with draft kegs. Partial proceeds of all sales of the PSF Lager will go to supporting the initiatives of the Pacific Salmon Foundation, an independent, non-governmental, charitable organization to protect, conserve and rebuild Pacific Salmon populations in British Columbia and the Yukon.

“For Postmark this is a way for us to give back to something that we are deeply passionate about. Salmon in the Pacific Northwest have been a big part of our lives here at Postmark; from growing up working in the sport fishing industry to spending all of our holiday time away from the brewery traveling the BC rivers and coast in search of them,” said Co-Founder Nathan Rayment. “The conservation efforts supported by the Pacific Salmon Foundation are paramount to BC salmon stocks and in turn is why this project is so important to us.”

“Working with Postmark is an opportunity for PSF to raise money for Pacific salmon conservation efforts, but to also engage with and educate a younger demographic about the importance of Pacific salmon to British Columbia,” said Cory Matheson, Business Development Officer of PSF. “Partnerships like this are crucial to ensuring we are able to support the roughly 350 hard-working volunteer groups across British Columbia in our shared goal of sustainable and diverse wild salmon populations for generations to come.”

PSF Lager will be available throughout the province in private retail stores, restaurants, fishing lodges and at the Postmark Retail store. Postmark is also working to stock the collaboration at fishing lodges across the province.


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