Sipping Spotlight: Vancouver’s Storm Crow Tavern

One of the most original bars in Canada

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Odd Spirits: Chicha

Ever had a beverage brewed using human spit? If you’ve been to Peru, then chances are you’ve run across Chicha in your travels. Chicha has vast cultural significance in the country, and yes it is truly made with human saliva. Let’s back up and talk about the history of chicha. Chicha doesn’t necessarily refer to […]

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Odd Spirits: Pálinka

If you know what Pálinka is, chances are you’re probably Hungarian. Pálinka in it’s most general terms is a type of fruit brandy, distilled from a variety of fruits grown mainly on the Great Hungarian Plains. It’s not for the faint of heart, as it has often been described as Hungarian moonshine thanks to it […]

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