Beer of the month

Beer of the Month: Whistle Buoy’s Gulagubben Golden Ale 

Hard to say, not hard to drink

We’re always looking for something unique for our feature beer of the month, and the Gulagubben Golden Ale  from Victoria’s Whistle Buoy Brewing definitely fits that bill.

Gulagubben is a Scandinavian golden ale, and thus the name reflects that. Gulagubben is the Swedish term for “Golden Boy” ( it does however more accurately translates to “yellow old man”, but whose counting). The beer is a creative blend of some traditional Scandinavian technique and home grown Canadian ingredients.

For this beer the team uses Sasquatch Hops – Canada’s first patented hop, and only grown in Canada, which gives the beer a tea and lemon/orange citrus note. Paired with Voss Kviek, a type of Norwegian yeast that ferments at warmer (23c – 35c) temperatures and you get a clean flavour and more citrus aromas.

At only 4.2%, it’s a highly drinkable patio beer that rivals other summer styles like Hefeweizen or Saison. Fortunately, it’s one of the brewery’s core beers, so you can enjoy it no matter the season.

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