Beer of the month

Beer of the Month: Dageraad & Four Winds Brewing’s Good News, Everyone!

Shut up and take my money!

Take two of the most award winning breweries in BC and add in a little mad science, and you’ve got a beer you definitely don’t want to miss.

Good news, everyone! (Thanks for the Futurama reference guys!) is the latest collaboration from Dageraad and Four Winds. Both of these breweries excel at what they do, with Dageraad’s Belgian inspired brewing techniques, and Four Winds clean, crisp and hop forward beers.

This beer is simple but complex. At its root it is a saison dry-hopped with Enigma and Nelson Sauvin. The white wine and tropical fruit hop profile is met in turn by the stone fruit esters of the yeast, resulting in a beer juicy enough to satisfy die-hard hazy fans while retaining the phenolic complexity of a saison. This is all thanks to a unique yeast strain that’s better able to metabolize hop compounds – the rich, tasty hop compounds.

So what does all the above really mean? It means you get a saison that drinks fresh and clean as a saison should, but with a hazy IPA flavour profile. It also cranks out a whopping 6.7% alcohol, a rare sight for a saison.

Don’t believe the hype? Well you should. But this won’t last long. The team put this out in late March so you’re already a good month behind the curve, better grab a few cans before they’re gone for good!

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