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Vermouth and Soda Should be the New Aperol Spritz

Let's face it, Aperol Spritz is old news.

Let’s face it, Aperol Spritz is old news. It’s time to embrace something different, something bolder, frankly something better. Enter Vermouth & Soda.

Vermouth & Soda is not new. If you’ve been to Europe, chances are you’ve seen it being consumed all over areas like Spain and Italy. The Italians like to have a glass as the go-to after work beverage, because not only is it refreshing, it stimulates the appetite and the taste buds. While, Spaniards generally serve it heavy on the vermouth with just a splash of soda garnished with an olive and orange wedge.

For decades, vermouth has been considered a cheap, stuffy drink of older generation, or that bottle you had to buy to make cocktails like a negroni and bought the cheapest option available. But a recent resurgence has firmly made it an essential piece of modern European culture. In fact there are Vermouth bars all over now (called Vermuteria).

While it hasn’t caught on like wildfire here in North America yet, expect this fashionable drink of choice to burst onto the scene sooner rather than later. First of all, there are some added benefits to having Vermouth & Soda. Take for instance the fact that vermouth works as an aperitif, and helps stimulate appetite and digestion. There’s also a wide range of vermouth styles and flavours, meaning that a Vermouth & Soda can be incredibly customizable.

Want to know one of the best things about this sexy little cocktail? It’s dirt cheap. Like ridiculously cheap. An average bottle of vermouth is very inexpensive, as is soda water. Granted, you could purchase expensive vermouth, but until you start understanding what you really like in a vermouth, the cheap stuff will do. Meanwhile, Aperol ranges around the $20-$30 mark, not to mention the prosecco that needs to be mixed in.

Hop on the Vermouth & Soda trend now, that way you’ll be enjoying this excellent drink before anyone else gets wise.

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