Beer of the month

Beer of the Month: Townsite Brewing’s Zunga Golden Blonde

A little bit of sunshine for darker days

Townsite Brewing has slowly been undergoing a rebrand, transitioning all their core beers into new vibrant tall calls. While the new look is fresh, it fortunately doesn’t impact the tried and true recipe for Zunga, their flagship Golden Blonde which has been a fantastic go-to beer for years.

Zunga, according to Townsite is a local Powell River term for a rope swing over water. Fortunately, it also means a delicious beer!

Zunga Blonde Ale is a 5.2%, 25 IBU easy sipper. Think of it as a nice, clean easy entry into Belgian style beers. The beer has the flavour of a citrus ale and a slight bitterness from the added hops. Unlike most Blonde ales, it doesn’t come across overly sweet or malty.

Fun fact, while Townsite may be located in the small town of Powell River it is an award-winning craft brewery with one of BC’s only Belgian Brewmasters at the helm. As the only brewery in Powell River, the locals sure are spoiled!

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