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Our Most Anticipated BC Brewery Openings for 2022

2022 is bringing a new wave of craft beer

Despite everything that 2020 and 2021 have thrown at us, the BC craft brewery scene continues to grow. There is no shortage of ambitious brewers hoping to stake their claim to our fantastic beer market, and it’s encouraging to see new breweries planned all across the province.

In 2022, we’re going to see some breweries pop up into communities that will be getting a craft brewery for the first time, alongside others that will be competing for attention in some already well established, or growing, markets.

So, here are a few of the planned 2022 brewery openings that we’re most excited about:

Small Gods Brewery- Sidney

Chris Bjerrisgaard has been a part of the BC craft brewery scene for well over a decade. He’s been with Parallel 49, Vancouver Island Brewing and the Vancouver Craft Beer Week. Now, he’s jumping in and starting his own brewery right next door to Beacon Brewing in Sidney. He’s hoping to have the 165-seat brewery open by April of 2022.

Lumberjack Brewing– Grand Forks

Still in early days, Lumberjack Brewing joins Grand Forks Beer Company as the newest planned breweries for the community of Grand Forks. Lumberjack looks to be embracing the name and going all in with a wood cabin vibe, beards, plaid merchandise and plenty of beer.

Jordan River Brewing Co.– Jordan River

If you know Jordan River, you know it’s not exactly a bustling community. Nestled between Sooke and Port Renfrew on Vancouver Island’s west coast, Jordan River is mostly known for its beaches, nature and camping. So it’s very exciting to see this ambitious project moving ahead. Jordan River Brewing Co. wants to be a community hub serving up local craft beer and food. If it all goes according to plan, then this could be the start of a revitalization of the Jordan River area.

Citizen Brewing– Kelowna

Established in 2017, this Calgary craft brewery is expanding into a second location in Kelowna. We’re excited to have more from this creative crew, especially the Senor Citizen Dark Mexican Lager which won Gold at the 2021 Canadian Brewing Awards.

Hornby Island Brewing– Hornby Island

Hornby Island Brewing has been a long time coming. Founded in 2018, the husband and wife duo have persevered against both a global pandemic and the challenges of building on a remote location like Hornby Island. During that time, they’ve released a few beers like their Reflection Pale Ale and Beach Wheat, but drinkers will finally have a chance to sample what this team has to offer once they open their doors for good.

Brookswood Brewing– Langley

The latest brewery to join the blossoming Langley craft brewery scene. Brookswood has already been establishing itself with the community, previously brewing small batch collaborations with Bright Eye Brewing and Locality Brewing. They also released their first Czech pilsner before opening, so it’s exciting to have another spot on the Langley tour.

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