Beer of the month

Beer of the Month: Studio Brewing’s Daisy Chain

Burnaby is bringing some stiff competition to the beer scene.

Studio Brewing might be the coolest new brewery you haven’t heard of yet.

Located in South Burnaby, you’d be forgiven if you didn’t know about Studio yet. The brewery isn’t exactly out of the way, but it’s not quite central either. And it’s really only the third Burnaby based brewery, after Steamworks and Dageraad, but that hasn’t stopped them from cranking out some solid beers.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise however. Ryan Voigt, formerly of Superflux and Twin Sails is the head brewer here so there’s some serious pedigree behind the operation. Not to mention the frequent collaborations with other impactful breweries like Dageraad, House of Funk, Steel and Oak and Brassneck.

Given all that creativity, it’s one of their mainstays that is our Beer of the Month. Daisy Chain is a “new world saison” blending American hops with Belgian tradition. The result is a light beer that has soft floral and citrus notes which mingle nicely with malted spelt. Floral with a hint of funk if you will.

Fortunately as Daisy Chain is a mainstay you can typically find it on tap and in cans at the brewery itself, or at select stores around the lower mainland.

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