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Beer of the Month: Four Winds’ Opulence

Buy this beer, no questions asked.

Four Winds is one of those breweries that just gets good beer. The team is excellent as pushing the boundaries of what is possible and creating some of the best expressions of beer on the BC market. Opulence is no exception.

While Opulence was released in mid-July, we sadly didn’t have an opportunity to try it out until September, and what a discovery it was!

Opulence is a foeder-aged Farmhouse Ale conditioned with Pinot Noir grapes and Brettanomyces. The result is a refreshingly effervescent Ale with a mild tartness that has wine-like characteristics and a soft pink hue.

That description is short and sweet but doesn’t do this beer enough justice. It’s a wonderful example of how beer can be elevated to the level of wine, with a brilliant character and flavour profile that demands attention. Four Winds is obviously no stranger to creating wonderful beers, but even to their standards Opulence is a knock-out.

This beer is best drank fresh, so if you haven’t had a chance to try it yet, they still have bottles available in their online store. They are $15 for a 750ml, and honestly while it seems steep, it’s well worth the cost. Grab a bottle.

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