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Beer of the Month: Five Roads Brewing Sangria Sour

Pairing Sangria with craft beer is a brilliant idea.

Perfect patio drinks: a cold, crisp beer; a nice glass of wine; a pitcher of Sangria. Even just mentioning those evokes a warm summer evening, on the patio enjoying the company of good friends.

Now, what if we told you that you can get practically all of that together in one glass? Too good to be true you say? Not if the mad geniuses at Five Roads Brewing have anything to say about it.

Introducing your new summer favourite, the Sangria Sour. Starting with a kettle sour base, it is then infused with with raspberries, oranges, and black currants, to emulate the perfect garnishes in a red Sangria. But they don’t stop there. To truly replicate the Sangria experience, the beer is then blended with some Zinfandel from Cavallo Winery in Surrey.

The end result is a rounded out sour that has a nice blend of fruit flavour and is softened by the addition of the wine.

This is one of those seasonal beers that drinkers begin to anticipate the annual release for, so be sure to scoop some up while supplies last. It’s currently available on tap at the Five Roads locations in Langley and in 4 packs.

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