Beer of the month

Beer of the Month: Barnside Brewing Co.’s Crescent Island Brown

A brown ale that shouldn't be overlooked

Brown ale’s aren’t sexy. They aren’t an Instagrammable sparkle beer, or the hottest hazy IPA, but there’s something extremely satisfying about finding a brewery that has nailed down just a good drinking brown ale, and that’s exactly what Barnside has done.

Open in January of 2020, part of what makes Barnside unique is it is a purpose built brewery between four farming families; that means they’re growing their own organic malting barley, varietals of hops, organic potatoes, cranberries and honey. Because the brewery is able to grow the majority of their ingredients, they have complete control over the final product, and it shows, especially with the Crescent Island Brown Ale.

Considered to be one of their most complex recipes, the brown ale utilizes ten different malts to produce a smooth drinking ale. It’s a representation of a classic brown, medium roasted malt caramel and chocolate characters, very low hop flavour and aroma, and a smooth medium body.

The brown ale is available at the brewery, and found in 4-pack tall cans in select retail locations .

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