Beer of the month

Beer of the Month: Strange Fellows’ “The Strangers” Wine

A brewery making wine, isn't that kinda strange?

You read that right, the beer of the month is a wine…made by a brewery; hey they didn’t call the brewery Strange Fellows for nothing.

Welcome to the new normal, where breweries are making wine, and everyone wins. Released this Spring, The Strangers is a trio of wines that the team over at Strange Fellows have decided to tackle. Having all the essential equipment, technology and essential know-how, all they were missing were the ingredients; but that was solved thanks to good winemaking friends in the Okanagan who were able to provide some starter grapes, as well as some expert advice.

Harvested in Oliver, Osoyoos and the Naramata Bench in the Fall of 2020, the grapes were pressed in the Okanagan and have been happily fermenting and ageing at Strange Fellows ever since. They now have the white and rosé available, while the red is anticipated for the fall. All of them have been canned, which is not only adorable, it also makes for easy drinking.

Strangers White is a bright & fruity blend of Chardonnay, Viognier & Muscat from the Okanagan Valley. With aromatic notes of pear & stone fruit, & a dry finish, it will remind you that there is always time to stop and smell the buttercups.

Strangers Rosé is a juicy, fruity, deep-hued blend of Merlot & Malbec from the Okanagan Valley. With notes of strawberry, raspberry & rhubarb, this lightly sparkling delight is a reminder that every day deserves a celebration of something.

You can find both at the brewery in packs of four, or on tap. A pack of four 250ml cans of either is around $28.50, which if you compare to a traditional 750ml bottle of BC wine is around $21.

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