Beer of the month

Beer of the Month: La Cerveceria Astilleros’ Salted Lime Lager

Save a permanent spot in your fridge for this Mexican lager.

North Vancouver’s latest brewery came right out of the gate with a strong lager that tastes like an elevated version of Corona (and that’s a good thing!)

One of the biggest knocks against craft beer is that it can be hard for newbies to get into. If you’re used to drinking mass produced lagers, the shift to a hop heavy IPA, barrel aged sour or high ABV stout can be jarring. It’s for that precise reason that we’re thrilled to have found La Cerveceria Astilleros and their Salted Lime Lager.

El Valle Salado is a 4.6% easy drinking lager that can appeal to both the new craft beer drinker, and the seasoned expert alike. It is one of those refreshing style beers that can be easily had at any time of year, but pairs especially well with summer patios. When we said it’s like an elevated Corona, that’s exactly what we mean. There’s hints of both salt and lime throughout the crisp beer, making it incredibly crushable.

The team over at La Cerveceria Astilleros put some care into the design of this beer. The name “El Valle Salado” is in reference to a location in Añana, Spain which is home to one of the oldest salt mines in the world, with more than 7,000 years of history producing salt. These salt mines are a UNESCO World heritage site and the special salt is coveted by Michelin star chefs and loved by the culinary world as a whole. Recognized as a “Slow Food Bastion”, the salt is one of only 10 food items in Spain to be given this distinction. Which breaks down to: it’s good salt, and it’s in your beer.

Currently the beer is available at the brewery (tasting flights only at the moment, they have yet to receive their full license) and available in six packs to go. You can also find the six packs of lager at some of the speciality liquor stores around BC. We recommend stocking up for when the warmer weather starts coming around.

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