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Beer of the Month: Cannery Brewing’s Darkling Oatmeal Stout

Bring on the darkness

From Penticton based Cannery Brewing the Darkling Oatmeal Stout is a fantastic beer for the cooler winter season.

Inspired by the classic Lord Byron Poem “Darkness”, the Darkling pours incredibly dark practically letting no light through. It’s a beer that has a strong aroma of chocolate, coffee and toasted malts with flavours that lean heavily into the chocolate and coffee notes.

You’d expect a stout with this much flavour to run on the high alcohol side, but Darkling only comes in at 5.5% which means you can enjoy a few before it starts to really kick in.

Previously available in bombers, Cannery made the switch to tall cans last year and now Darkling is available in four packs across the province of BC and in some select retailers in Alberta.

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