The Best BC Brewery Kitchens

More than just beer, these breweries are bringing a strong kitchen game.

Long gone are the days where breweries were considered to be cold, industrial shops where craft beer lovers came just to pick up their favourite beer and be on their way. These days, breweries are a destination of themselves, with many people choosing to head to a brewery over a bar or restaurant.

Because of the increased popularity of breweries being a sit-down destination, many have decided to offer food options to keep people fed and happy (and of course at the brewery longer). Some have gone with the basics like pepperoni sticks, chips, etc. while others have chosen to really elevate the experience and go the extra mile with their food menu.

It’s those breweries we celebrate today. Just look at all the incredible food our BC brewers have cooked up:

Superflux– Vancouver

Vancouver’s newest brewery is already off to a strong start, not only with their cult status beers but also with their unique kitchen menu. Gourmet hotdogs adorn the list paired with incredible salad options–that’s right, salad at a brewery. This isn’t just any salad though, with options like Thai style beef tartar and Belgian endive egg salad you’ll be wondering why you weren’t pairing beer and salad before.

Four Winds– Delta

Four Winds has been a secret go-to for tacos for a while now, but they continue to build out their menu with further additions to the tapas menu like the recent queso fundido. For those that have already eaten here, then you already know that this unassuming brewery serves up some of the best tacos in the Vancouver area; for those that haven’t, what are you waiting for?

Cannery Brewing– Penticton

They may consider them “small bites”, but that dramatically underserves the menu options at Cannery Brewing. Sourcing as local as possible there are options like a curated charcuterie board, chicken nachos and a heirloom mushroom and cheese tarte (seriously recommended).

Moon Under Water– Victoria

While Moon may serve some of the more traditional menu options you’d expect to see at a brewery, they are exceptionally well done. The crispy halibut burger, nachos and wings are a few menu standouts, while the deep fried pickles are certainly worth adding on to the bill.

Backcountry Brewing– Squamish

Backcountry showed everybody that not only could you be an award winning brewery, but you could also be a pretty damn good pizzeria too. Their forager mushroom pizza and the prosciutto and fig are simply divine, but if you’re in for something lighter they have bocconcini stuffed meatballs (did we say lighter?).

33 Acres– Vancouver

Most breweries with a kitchen think about what their patrons would like to have paired with their beers in the evening, 33 Acres is not most breweries. They went completely the opposite and started with brunch, which was ingenious. Now a favourite brunch spot, 33 Acres offers a curated selection of eggs benedict and of course avocado toast to go with their coffee bar.

Luppolo Brewing– Vancouver

For a brewery that focuses on Italian style beer, it was a foregone conclusion that eventually they’d start offering pizza as well. Beyond the stellar pizza options, Luppolo also serves a number of other classic Italian dishes like their selection of cured meats and cheeses, antipasto, caponata and their version of a tiramisu (the Birra-misu).

House of Funk– North Vancouver

Fresh oysters at a brewery, enough said. Actually no, there is plenty more to be said. From their fresh made breads, to food options like sunchoke risotto or pork & fennel ravioli House of Funk is taking the idea of a “brewery kitchen” to an extreme. You’d be forgiven if you wanted to try everything on the menu.

Slackwater Brewing– Penticton

Penticton sure isn’t hurting for options when it comes to great breweries. Slackwater is another one of those places that has found a way to take traditional fare, and pair it with something unexpected. Options include vegan chili, mussels, veggie wraps and chicken sandwiches. Make sure to upgrade your fries to their bacon poutine, you’ll thank us later.

Beach Fire Brewing– Campbell River

Not content with designing one great brew kitchen menu, Beach Fire’s menu changes everyday….twice.  All of their menu items are made from scratch and incorporate as many local producers and harvesters as the season allows. The team is seriously dedicated, they roll their own pasta, cut their own salsa, make their own aioli and sauces, and bake their own bread, to name a few.

Andina Brewing– Vancouver

Vibrantly different than other breweries, Andina embodies the spirit of South America which means their food options are distinctly unique. Empanadas, arepas, plantain chips and more are all on the menu but the real standout is the selection of ceviches which are absolutely to die for!


  1. Twin City Brewing Port Alberni and Trees Beer Brewing Institute in Kelowna, 2 Favourites including Beach Fire Brewing in Campbell River


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