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Ottawa’s Best Craft Breweries

Canada's capital has plenty of craft beer.

Canada’s capital city certainly has plenty to offer when it comes to craft beer. While it may not be as ‘flashy’ as Vancouver or Toronto, Ottawa has a solid line up of craft beer that is sure to please any fan. From sours to IPAs, there is something for everyone; better yet, the diversity of craft beer in the Ottawa area means you’re not only going to get a strong range of styles, but the breweries themselves are going to be unique and creative.

We think this list is going to get you excited about Ottawa craft beer. In fact, it’s now been featured by “Best in Ottawa” as one of the premier lists of craft beer in the city.


If your curiosity has been peaked, check out some of the best places to grab a pint below:

Beau’s Brewing

Beau's Brewing.png

Okay so technically Beau’s Brewery isn’t in Ottawa, it’s at least an hour drive outside the city. BUT, it would be a crime to not add Beau’s to the list. They are certified organic, have won over 100 awards since they launched, and are one of Canada’s most consistently great craft breweries. So forget the fact it’s not in town, it’s worth the drive.

Beyond the Pale Brewing

Beyond the pale

Beyond the Pale started as a pipe dream for a couple of guys that really liked homebrewing. They now have eight years under their belt, and have established a reputation for strong quality beer. Their Pink Fuzz Grapefruit Wheat Ale happens to be a fan favourite.

Bicycle Craft Brewery

Bicycle brewing.png

Lots of creative beers come out of Bicycle, which has made it a bit of a local hangout. All of their ingredients are locally sourced, and they leave everything unfiltered. The beer menu runs the range of juicy IPAs to refreshing wheat beers, so there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Dominion City Brewing

Dominion city

Dominion City holds a unique title in Canada; they are the first brewery to be established through Kickstarter. Those that took the chance to fund this little brewery have been reaping the benefits of very good craft beer, and we’re all better for it.

Flora Hall

Flora hall.png

Flora Hall is a brewery built out of an old renovated garage in one of Ottawa’s coolest neighbourhoods. With well over 100 seats, there is plenty of room to post up and have a few pints. Thankfully there is a robust food menu to compliment all the beer on tap!

Kichesippi Beer Co.

kichesippi beer

Time for a history lesson. Before Ottawa became a settlement, the river that ran through it was called Kichesippi. So it’s fitting that a hometown brewery would honour its roots. Kichesippi Brewing is one of Ottawa’s most popular breweries, and you’ll understand why after tasting a few.

Lowertown Brewing


Opened in 2014, Lowertown is in the ByWard Market and features a fully functioning brewery and open-concept kitchen, replete with a smoker and chicken rotisserie. Now if that doesn’t scream a good time, I don’t know what does.

Overflow Brewing Company

Overflow brewing

Overflow Brewing is one of the newer breweries in Ottawa, but don’t let that fool you. Being new just means they have something to prove and they’re doing it with a complex range of beers from porter to American pale ale. Overflow should not be overlooked.

Tooth and Nail Brewing Company

Tooth and Nail.png

Located in Ottawa’s “artsy” district, you’d think Tooth and Nail would be wildly experimental; but while they do have experiments, Tooth and Nail is all about getting the staples right. Kellerbier, English Strong, Helles Lager’s are just a few of the old school styles that Tooth and Nail cranks out.

Waller St. Brewing

Waller St Brewing

Waller St harkens back to the prohibition era. A little gem, hidden underground in the heart of downtown Ottawa creating refined and exciting local craft beers with a tasting bar in a unique speakeasy environment. Literally built into the basement of a heritage building, Waller St is a brewery like none other.

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