Beer of the month

Beer of the Month: Whitetooth Brewing’s Trepanation Tripel

Fall season in a glass

There’s nothing better to bring in the fall weather than a Belgian beer. Something about the warmth these hearty brews carry, with notes of caramel and spice that truly evokes that fall feeling. Fortunately there are some excellent local breweries making some impressive Belgian styles, which includes Whitetooth Brewing Co. from Golden, BC.

While they make several different Belgian beers, it’s their Trepanation Tripel that we’re focused on this month.

This is the breweries creative take on a Belgian-style tripel, combining a cranium-liberating blend of Saaz and Amarillo hops with candi syrup and continental Pilsner malt. Deceptively potent but approachable, with a deep golden straw colour and a dry finish. At 9% it’s just strong enough to give it a true Tripel feel without knocking you out after one beer.

If you needed any more reason to scoop this beer up, this excellent Tripel won bronze at this year’s Canadian Brewing Awards, one of five awards that Whitetooth Brewing took home overall.

It also happens to have some excellent label design, coming from the always impressive team at Hired Guns.

Grab a bottle, and cheers to Whitetooth Brewing for their impressive award wins this year!

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