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Beer of the Month: Superflux’s Everyone Else Said No

Why choose between East or West coast IPA when you can have both?

A few weeks back we were thrilled to announce the grand opening of Superflux, one of BC’s favourite IPA producers. Practically everyone turned out on the opening weekend to get their hands on some fresh new Superflux releases, and those that did were treated to a special collaboration IPA.

Everyone Else Said No is an IPA pack that brought together two different styles: the traditional West Coast IPA and the NEIPA. As with most great special releases, Superflux didn’t do this one on their own. They tapped into the community and partnered with Backcountry, Boombox and Twin Sails, three more excellent producers of IPA in the province. In fact, all four of these breweries make the list when it comes to our favourite BC IPAs.

The White Label is the east coast style and features Mosaic hops, and a special Cryo-Blend, brewed in exactly the style you’d come to expect from these breweries, while the West Coast in the black cans features Centennial and Citra hops on a very clean and refreshing base beer.

While there was a risk that this sold out during opening weekend, the benefit of having two distinct styles in a pack means this is essentially two releases, with double the volume. So for those that didn’t have a chance to grab some during the chaotic opening weekend, there are still plenty of packs available both at the brewery and at select private liquor stores.

This is an IPA lovers dream, and an excellent return to form for a brewery that we’ve sorely been missing these last few months.

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