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Superflux Finally Opens its Brewery Doors

After five long years, Superflux is finally in a permanent location.

For craft beer lovers in BC, this news has been a long time coming. Superflux is one of the most popular producers of IPA in the province and for the last several years have been pumping out their signature collection as a contract brewery first out of Callister and then Strathcona Beer Co. But as of this Saturday, August 15th, the team will finally have a permanent home.

For those in the know, the attempt to find a permanent location for Superflux has been a bit of a journey. For years it was rumoured the team had plans to open in North Vancouver, and it seems the intent was there. But ultimately, it looks as if the team has stayed close to their East Van roots and are opening at 505 Clark Drive, right in the heart of the Yeast Van Brewery District.

Screen Shot 2020-08-12 at 10.44.17 AM

Now don’t get too excited just yet. The opening this weekend could be considered more of a soft launch. The taproom and bar are not yet ready, and the licensing for that space still needs approval from the Province. But, that being said, the retail store will be open for business and Superflux is promising six different beers available day one.

It’s safe to say that if you have even remotely enjoyed Superflux beer over the years, that the opening this weekend is an exciting development. The hours for launch day are 12-8, expect it to be very busy with beer nerds who have been waiting patiently for their Superflux fix these last few months.


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