Beer of the Month: Alibi Room Dry Hopped Keller Pils

Sometimes a beer comes along that demands your attention, this is one of those beers.

The limited run Alibi Room Dry Hopped Keller Pils is a collaborative brainchild of Four Winds, Dageraad, Steel & Oak, Superflux, and Brassneck. Why did five of BC’s best brewers get together to make a pilsner? Because they saw their community in need and stepped up to the plate to help.

We could summarize the concept behind this beer, but it’s better to hear it in their own words:

“The Alibi Room Dry-hopped Keller Pils was conceived as the result of heartfelt conversations in April between brewery friends. The pandemic shook our industry and challenged the fate of our cherished Alibi Room. It was at those long tables that we first fell in love with craft beer, hastily sketched our own brewery plans, and eventually saw our first beers bringing other people together as well.

But, our community isn’t only steel tanks and tap lists. It’s the cities we live in, the lands we stand on, and the neighbours around us. In the last month, we’ve seen and heard our communities and neighbours raise their voices against racial inequality, spurring us to listen and learn, to do better and to be better.

Although the label on this beer states that all proceeds will go to keeping Alibi Room open, we would be remiss if we didn’t see a greater community that needs help right now. So, while part of the proceeds will go towards the survival of Alibi Room, the majority will directly support two organizations working with indigenous and POC communities in the city.

1. DEWC – Downtown Eastside Woman’s Centre

– https://dewc.ca/

2. UNYA – Urban Native Youth Association

– https://unya.bc.ca/

While this beer did launch in early July, there is enough supply still around town to justify calling it our beer of the month for August. Not only is it a great tasting beer, but by buying it you’re showing that you too care about the community around us, and are in essence helping keep one of Vancouver’s most important beer destinations in business.

For anyone that cares about keeping BC craft beer alive and well, please support this effort.

Alibi cans.png

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