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Introducing our new Column: Drinking Canada

It's time to travel local, drink local and celebrate local

While we have readers from around the globe, Ale Sessions is, and always has been, proudly Canadian. We have been strong proponents of the growth in Canada’s craft beer and spirits categories and have featured brewers and distilleries from across the nation.

Now as 2020 continues to dramatically impact those very same brewers and distillers, we’ve decided it was time to create a single resource on this site entirely dedicated to our great Canadian beverages.

That’s where our new column Drinking Canada comes in. Drinking Canada will be all about Canadian craft; whether it’s a fresh pint of kelp stout at Tofino Brewing or sipping on a vodka martini made with Prince Edward Distillery’s potato vodka, we’ll be featuring the best Canada has to offer.

Some of this content is already available on Ale Sessions, and over the next coming week’s we’ll be working on bringing it all together under the Drinking Canada label and refreshing that content to make sure it’s entirely up-to-date and relevant for 2020. We’re also going to be working hard to provide new content in the form of travel itineraries, must-visit brewers, cocktail recipes from national distillers, interviews and more.

We also want to hear from you. If there are content ideas, a brewery or distillery you’d like to see featured, or simply a local hidden gem that you think deserves a little love, then let us know! You can either email us at alesessions@gmail.com, or DM us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

It’s more important now more than ever that we support our local craft brewers, bars and distillers. Let’s use our dollars wisely, and spend our time traveling within this great nation we call home.

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