Beer of the month

Beer of the Month: House of Funk’s, Funk Juice

A rotating feature that is always delicious.

North Vancouver’s House of Funk has managed to establish a strong reputation in a very short amount of time. Not only are they pumping out some creative sour ales, but they also happen to have an excellent coffee program, something that many breweries lack.

But, this feature is about their standout Funk Juice, one of the breweries mainstays, despite it constantly changing flavours. Funk Juice is labelled as a “rotating smoothie sour” and starts with a base of  oats, raw wheat, and lactose milk sugar. It then goes through a souring with the breweries house lactobacillus culture, and then fermented warm with house kveik culture.


That forms the basis of what is considered Funk Juice; but where the beer really starts to shine is when it’s blended with a creative, and almost bottomless, amount of ingredients. Some of the past Funk Juice blends have included pineapple & coconut, mango & peach, blueberry, marion blackberry, raspberry, and strawberry, just to name a few.

The brewery even took the effort to turn Funk Juice into a beer slushie during Vancouver Craft Beer Week, which of course led to line ups as long as you could see (you remember beer festivals right?).

During COVID, House of Funk has continued to pump out some fantastic beers (including a Sour IPA which we were incredibly pumped to see, considering we predicted Sour IPA years ago), but Funk Juice continues to be special amongst their line up.

Fortunately, they are open for pickup and delivery, so grab yourself some Funk Juice!

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