Beer of the month

Beer of the Month: Left Hand’s Nitro Milk Stout

A nitro stout for everyone to enjoy.

There’s a reason that Left Hand Brewing can claim their Nitro Milk Stout as the top-selling craft nitro stout in America. This beer is one that is super approachable to anyone that enjoys beer, but complex enough that seasoned stout drinkers will continue to come back to it time and time again.

Firstly, it pours with a beautiful presentation, whether from the traditional bottle or the more recently released cans. The rich, pillowy head releases initial notes of malt, roasted nuts, mocha and cocoa powder. When you do finally dig into the beer there’s a plush, smooth, mouthfilling palate with notes of vanilla ice cream topped with cocoa nibs, toasted walnuts and espresso powder. All that sounds incredibly decadent and overpowering,  but it’s superbly balanced and utterly delicious.


This beer is seriously silky on the tongue, leaving behind a lingering creamy texture. Think of it link drinking the best cold espresso you’ve ever had, with just a hint of bitterness to round out all the malty flavours.

To be clear, there is no actual milk within a milk stout. Rather, brewers add lactose or milk sugar to bring out a creamy texture to the final product. It’s the reason you get an incredible foamy head on products like this one or the more classic Guinness.

While Left Hand Nitro Milk Stout can be difficult to find, it’s not impossible. Many good import bottle shops will carry it, and there are a lot more craft beer bars that keep a keg of this on tap. No matter the season, this is a stout that is sure to please.

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