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Sipping Spotlight: Victoria’s Little Jumbo

One of the best cocktail bars in Victoria

If you haven’t had a chance to visit Victoria, BC yet, perhaps this excellent cocktail bar can entice you to make the trip.

Opened in 2013, tucked down a hallway at the harbour end of Fort Street, you can hear the buzz before you open the door and fall into this room that won best commercial design on Vancouver Island in 2014.

Little Jumbo Restaurant & Bar is inspired by two rivals, Jerry Thomas the “father of American mixology” and Harry Johnson the “the father of professional bar-tending” and a famous bar and hotel consultant. In 1877 Johnson bought and renamed the bar where Thomas had worked in Soho, New York calling it the Little Jumbo Saloon.

To this end, Little Jumbo emphasizes the fine craft of preparing fresh local food with a focus on continental and contemporary, and pairing it with fine wines and the best of classic and modern mixology. A particular emphasis at Little Jumbo is on creating exceptional customer experience, something very dear to Harry Johnson’s heart.


Every six weeks the team at Little Jumbo comes up with a new seasonal cocktail menu, relying on local ingredients with a prohibition style flair. It’s won a number of accolades including being placed highly in the Top 50 Bars in Canada along with mentions in Forbes, The Washington Post, and the New York Times as Victoria’s place to dine and drink.

The cozy atmosphere, excellent customer service and exceptional drink menu should be enough to convince you that Little Jumbo is a must visit for anyone stopping in Victoria.


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