Beer of the month

Beer of the Month: Strathcona Beer Co’s Headbanger

Dangerously tasty!

This might possibly be the only beer in Canada that should come with a warning label! Strathcona Beer Company has created a monster; a beer that packs an intense amount of alcohol, but hides it incredibly well behind a balance of juice and hops.

This beer launched around the time of Strathcona’s second anniversary in 2018. What started as a limited release, has seen more light of day thanks to its popularity.

Aptly named Head Banger at 10%. This Triple India Pale Ale is absolutely packed with Double dry hopped with Galaxy, Enigma, Mosaic and Citra. It comprises of a base of Pilsner malt, flaked wheat, oat and fermented with a special blend of secret yeast. The result is robust flavours of passionfruit, citrus and raspberry.

In other words, this beer is extremely easy to drink, so much so that you’re likely to forget about the fact that it’s rocking over 10% abv until it’s far too late.

We can’t recommend this beer enough, but in complete moderation. While it is technically possible to bring home a four pack of this delicious brew, it’s a smart idea to spread them out over time and not consume them all at once.

Headbanger is seasonally available at Strathcona’s tap room on draft and in cans, and at select retailers.


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