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2019 Holiday Gift Guide for Cocktail Lovers

For the hard to buy home bartender on your list.

Gift giving is never easy, especially for those that are into home bartending. It’s always difficult to know what they like, or already may have, so often the default answer is to buy a new set of glassware, or even worse those terrible whisky stones.

Never fear, we are here to help with a curated selection of cocktail gifts that will sure to please even the most dedicated home bartender.

Carry-on Cocktail Kit


Let’s face it, for those long haul flights a nice cocktail can be a lifesaver. But there is a distinct lack of cocktails available on board, which is where the Carry-on Cocktail Kit comes in handy. They make a perfect stocking stuffer, and will be very appreciated the next time they travel.

DIY Gin Making Kit

Homemade gin kit.png

Gin is one of those spirits that has thousands of potential flavour combinations and profiles. Knowing what you like, is part of the journey, and there’s no better way to understand gin than to make your own. This simple kit offers the building blocks to homemade gin, and once you’ve had a chance to learn, experimentation will allow any home bartender to craft their perfect gin recipe.

18 Piece Tool Roll

tool roll.png

A home bartender is only as good as the tools they have, but with this gift they’ll have everything they need to bring their cocktail game to the next level. This tool roll comes equipped with 18 of your most commonly used tools, all rolled up into one “easy to carry” roll.

Quality Ice Molds

ice mold.jpg

Ice is one of the most underrated ingredients in cocktails, but the right ice can make all the difference. Every home bartender will appreciate a variety of ice molds that fit every occasion, especially if  those molds product crystal clear ice, like you’d get at a good cocktail bar.

A Nice Bottle of _____:

If you know that you’re buying for someone that enjoys a specific type of drink, we have a number of resources to help you out:


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