Dead BC Craft Beer That Need to be Revived

Consider this us begging for another sip.

With hundreds of beers available throughout BC, and breweries with pedigree of up to 25 years it’s bound to happen that even some of the best beer eventually disappears off store shelves.

While typically we move on and find new favourites to enjoy, there are a few beers that remain in the back of our mind, wondering just if we’ll ever be able to get our hands on another bottle of those long-lost friends.

In fact, there’s a collection of beers that we petition should come back, at least once more, so we can put those fond memories to the test and see if they are as good as we remember.

Strange Fellows Coup De Foudre (RIP-2017)


This was one of the first releases from Strange Fellows’ French Foudre. It was beautifully round and tart with a dry finish with aromas of ripe cherry and plum. It was a wonderful beer that ended far too quickly. This arguably set the tone for Strange Fellows with their barrel program, and the beers that have since followed.

Chance of revival: Not likely.

Central City Sour Series (RIP-2016)


For a few years Central City leaned into the sour market hard with three iterations of what they called the sour series. Sour I, Sour II and Sour III were all unique in their own right, with different aging techniques and different additives like fresh raspberries in Sour III. Unfortunately, it seems very unlikely there will be a Sour IV, although they did just release Roseate Sour Ale which is like a step-sister to this series.

Chance of revival: Not likely, but not impossible.

Granville Island Japanese Biere De Garde (RIP- 2017)


Part of a limited series cellar run that Granville Island did in 2017, this beer was far better than it had any right to be. It was by far, the BEST beer we had in 2017. Made with a unique blend of rice, Japanese Sorachi Ace, hops and Belgian saison yeasts created a heady mix of dill pickle, pepper and clove notes atop a strong, light ale body. Kevin, if you are reading this, bring this back, we will buy a case ourselves!

Chance of revival: Low, but praying for at least once more.

Powell Street Brewery Whiskey Barrel aged Porter (RIP-2016)


There is good reason form Powell to resurrect this porter. It was the 2013 Winner of BC Beer Awards CBC People’s choice award, and sold out fast in 2016. This robust porter would be aged for six months in American whiskey barrels. There are notes of cherry and vanilla that enhance the subtle dark fruit and coffee flavours of this excellent beer.

Chance of revival: It’s possible, but likely only seasonal runs.

Boombox/Superflux Pablo Esconar (RIP-2018)


The holy grail of BC craft beer trendiness, Pablo Esconar combines everything hipster beer nerds love about BC Beer. Collaboration beer, check; Art deco label, check; limited run, check; “Crushable”, check. The teams at Boombox and Superflux have made Pablo only twice, once in 2016 and once in 2018, so if the trend continues perhaps we see Pablo once again in 2020.

Chance of revival: Highly likely we see it again.

Townsite Brewing PowTown (RIP-2018)


Not quite dead, more like MIA. Powtown is officially classified as “Semi-retired” and made a special appearance back in 2018. This award winning beer has coffee and roast on the nose, with a round and smooth malty mouth feel; think bittersweet chocolate and caramel.

Chance of revival: 50/50 shot.







  1. The Coup De Foudre had a naming dispute from a winery so that name can no longer come back. We may see the beer again though. Never know.

    I would put on this list the real Old Cellar Dweller Barleywine not the Triple IPA they sell now.


    1. Good one on the Old Cellar Dweller, can’t agree more! I knew about the naming issue with the Foudre, it’s a shame it didn’t just become something else. Reynard is close, but not quite it.


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