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Time to Celebrate Negroni Week

Negroni week falls between June 24-30 this year, and if you’re a fan of this classic cocktail there’s a number of ways to get involved.

For the unfamiliar, Negroni week was launched in 2013 as a partnership between Imbibe Magazine and Campari. It’s a celebration of one of the world’s great cocktails and an effort to raise money for charities around the world. Since 2013, Negroni Week has grown from about 120 participating venues to almost 10,000 venues around the world, and to date, they have collectively raised about $2 million for charitable causes.

For one week every June, bar and restaurants mix classic Negronis and Negroni variations for a great cause. To participate, each venue signs up at, chooses from a list of official charity partners, and makes an immediate donation to that charity. Then they can return during and after Negroni Week to make additional donations to their chosen charity.

If you haven’t yet caught on to what makes a Negroni so special, it’s a perfect blend of three simple ingredients: Campari, Gin and Sweet Vermouth. The simplicity of thee cocktail makes it easy to enjoy at home and at the bar, and there are hundreds of different variations that can be applied. For example, using a different Amaro opens up new flavour profiles, or changing the vermouth from sweet to dry. Substitute rum, tequila, whisky even and you get a brand new cocktail to enjoy.

Find out how to make a classic Negroni with the video below:

To search for participating venues in your area, head to


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