Beer of the Month: Ten

With the Vancouver Craft Beer Week happening this week, it’s appropriate that the beer of the month is their most recent, and most ambitious, collaboration beer.

Simply titled “Ten”, the annual collaboration beer is a celebration of the festival’s ten years in operation. VCBW partnered with Four Winds Brewing Co.Dageraad Brewing and Powell Brewery  to develop the recipe, a dry hopped table saison.

Ten is inspired by historic Belgium classics but brewed with New World hops, creating a very modern tasting beer. Brewed with tangy Sacch Trois yeast to accentuate the tropical, citrus and stone fruit flavours derived from Sabro and Enigma hops, Ten is a refreshing and fruit-forward beer.

The illustration of the number 10 featured on the beer can commemorates Vancouver Craft Beer Week’s 10th anniversary and was created by the eclectic and prolific Canadian artist Luke Ramsey. He was invited to capture the past 10 years of Vancouver Craft Beer Week by connecting a few standout stories in a Rube Goldberg fashion.

As per usual, partial proceeds of all 2019 VCBW Collaboration Beer sales will be donated to the charity of choice, this year being the BC Hospitality Foundation.

Ten can be found in four pack cans at select liquor stores, and of course will be pouring at the festival this weekend.


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