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The World’s Most Remote Craft Breweries

Part of the experience will be getting to these breweries!

Some days it feels like craft beer is everywhere, and getting to a craft brewery is as easy as finding a McDonald’s. But, there are some brewers that have decided to take their love of craft beer to the extreme, and have opened breweries in parts of the world that most of us will never see. We scoured the internet to compile a list of breweries that have gone above and beyond, bringing craft beer to the farthest corners of the earth. If you’re feeling adventurous, this list will be a challenge.

Cervecería Mahina- Easter Island


Quite possibly the most remote brewery in the world. First you have to get yourself to Chile. From there, you can take the day’s only flight to Easter Island, a six hour journey of itself. Thankfully, the brewery itself is only two miles from the airport, but Easter Island is only 63 square miles anyway. The beer is brewed using local water, drawn from wells and rainwater collection, but for everything else, they rely on that daily flight from Santiago. They serve two types of beer: a pale ale and a porter.

Khmelnoye Podvorye Brewey- Irkutsk, Russia


In Russia’s far eastern territory, north of Mongolia lies Lake Baikal. One of the few towns in the area, Irkutsk is home to a brewpub that not only serves up a selection of Russian ales, but a handful of their own creations. There’s a fairly decent food menu as well, which should come as some comfort considering just how remote this town is.

Carakale Brewing Company- Fuhays, Jordan


It takes a dedicated brewer to dream up the concept of opening a craft brewery in a country that is 95% Muslim and therefore doesn’t drink alcohol. Literally the only craft brewery in the country, this ambitious brewery is not only pouring staples, but redefining beer with unique middle eastern ingredients like Dead Sea salt, date molasses and goat lactose. It’s a crazy idea, but the world needs more crazy thinkers, and having been to Jordan prior to their launch, I would have practically died for a good beer.

Yanggakdo Hotel Brewery- Yanggakdo Island, North Korea


Oh that’s right, there’s a craft brewery in North Korea. Housed in the largest hotel in the country, the brewery only pours one type of beer, a brown malt ale that comes directly from the fermentation tanks behind the bar. Good luck getting here.

Okkara- Faroe Islands


This brewery is by-appointment only, but if you’re travelling this far chances are you’re not just popping in. They have quite the location though, perched on a cliff, overlooking the sea, and surrounded by sheep pastures. They brew both beer and cider, but it sounds like their Imperial porter is the highest rated of the bunch.

Falkland Beerworks- Falkland Islands


Falkland Beerworks gives Cervecería Mahina a run for it’s money when it comes to remoteness. Founded in 2012, this small brewery is almost the world’s most southern brewery (see below). They currently produce four beers: a Best Bitter, Blonde, Oatmeal Stout and Dark Mild. Is it good? No idea, you’ll have to make the epic trek to find out.

Hernando de Magallanes Brewery- Punta Aires, Chile


Now this is the world’s most southern brewery. It may not be as hard to get to as some of the island brewers, but you have to give them props for going so far south. It has a beautiful location, less than a block from the southern ocean and historic Strait of Magellan. Currently they serve three styles: a red ale, imperial stout and a blonde.

Svalbard Bryggeri- Spitsbergen Island, Norway


From the south to the north, this is the world’s most northern brewery, clocking in at only 817 miles from the north pole. The founders literally had to get politicians to change the laws in order for this brewery to be built! What makes their beer unique is the water being used comes from the 2000 year old glacier Bogerbreen.





  1. NWT Brewing in Yellowknife is another one to add to this list as Canada’s northernmost brewery. Great little brewpub that my friends took me to a few years ago!


  2. Also need to include Brewery Immiaq in Ilulissat, Greenland, Godthåb Bryghus in Nuuk, Greenland and QajaQ Brewery in Saqqannguaq, Greenland. Going to try to get to all 3 of those later this year.


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