Lagers for International Lager Day

Just because we’re heading into the cold months of winter, doesn’t mean you still can’t enjoy a nice crisp lager. In fact, International Lager Day falls on today December 10th, so it’s even encouraged to pour yourself a pint!

While stouts and porters tend to be the go to for the colder winter months, there’s something to be said about a refreshing lager after a long day on the mountain. To celebrate International Lager Day, here are a few Canadian based options that are worth seeking out.

Parallel 49 Craft Lager


This is continually one of the go-to lagers for us, and one that is definitely leading the charge in both flavour and in price point. It’s just a really solid beer and one that deserves a spot in your fridge.

Steamworks Brewing Premium Craft Lager


It’s surprising for a brewery that has been around as long as Steamworks has, that the Premium Craft Lager is just now being released. It’s a great new addition for the brewery; it’s crisp, clean and at only 4.8% very easy to enjoy more than just one.

Persephone Black Lager


Don’t let the colour fool you, this is still a crisp and clean lager worthy of your attention. This is a full bodied dark lager, with roasty, clean and chocolaty mouthfeel and a graham cracker finish.

Junction Road Black Lager


Another black lager to rival Persephone, this is a Gold Medal winner at the 2017 Canadian Brewing Awards. Junction Road Black Lager is a dark German lager that balances roasted yet smooth malt flavours with moderate hop bitterness.

Hogsback Vintage Lager


Another multi award winning lager, this time based out of Ottawa. The difference here is the brewery combines three malt types (2-Row, Munich and Vienna), unique Saaz hops and German lager yeast for something truly special.

Red Truck Lager


Look there’s a reason Red Truck does well, and we’re willing to bet that the lager makes up the bulk of that. It’s a well done lager that is easy to drink yet still packs in enough flavour to make it worth your while.


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