Gifts for the Home Bartender: 2018 Edition

Grab these great gifts for the amateur mixologist on your list

Home bartending has become much more popular over the past few years, with amateur enthusiasts getting more creative and experimental at home rather than having to go to a bar or restaurant.

For the home bartender if your life, here are some great gift opportunities that they are sure to appreciate.

Pineapple Tumbler


Recreate the experience of going to that super cool cocktail bar with these pineapple tumblers. Sometimes a great cocktail needs a great glass to go with it, and these certainly won’t fail to impress.

Porthole Infuser

Screen Shot 2018-10-23 at 1.34.51 PM.png

I first stumbled across this gadget at The Aviary in Chicago, and it’s left an impression ever since. Not only is it something to look at, but there are endless possibilities when it comes to infusions. This is a must have accessory for anyone who likes to experiment with their cocktails.

Carry-on Cocktail Kit


I’ve recommended these in past years, but I really can’t stress how nice it is to be able to mix your own cocktail on a long haul flight rather than drink the standard fare provided. Under the right circumstances, the Carry-on Cocktail Kit can be an absolute lifesaver.

Liquid Intelligence: The Art and Science of the Perfect Cocktail


This is a brilliant book, and a must have for any amateur cocktail enthusiast. Years of rigorous experimentation and study―botched attempts and inspired solutions―have yielded the recipes and techniques found in these pages. Featuring more than 120 recipes and nearly 450 color photographs, Liquid Intelligence begins with the simple―how ice forms and how to make crystal-clear cubes in your own freezer―and then progresses into advanced techniques.

Miracle-Gro AeroGarden


While it may seem odd to include an indoor home garden product in a post about cocktails, if you think about it, it makes a whole lot of sense. Fresh herbs can make a significant impact on cocktails, especially those that rely on herbs as a base like Mojitos. Having fresh herbs on hand will really elevate the home bartender.

Quality Spirits & Bitters

Last but not least, a home bartender is always going to need more supply when it comes to their preferred spirits and bitters. Grab a nice bottle of their favourite spirit or two and grab a couple of different options when it comes to bitter flavours and I guarantee that they’ll be a happy camper.

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