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Red Truck Opens New Brewery in Colorado

In British Columbia we know we make good beer, and one local brewery is out to prove they can play in the big leagues by opening a new brewhouse south of the border.

Red Truck has officially opened their new brewery (as of August 18th) in For Collins, Colorado. This is the first time a Canadian brewer has opened a a brewery in the US since 2006, and as far as we can tell, the first time one of BC’s homegrown breweries has expanded into the states with a physical location.

After visiting several possible cities, Red Truck Beer chose Fort Collins, with a population of only 164,000, as their ideal location. Fort Collins punches far above its weight in the beer scene, home to roughly two dozen breweries alongside a number of beer bars and tap halls. Just as importantly, Fort Collins just felt right, with a year-round outdoor adventure lifestyle that felt like home.

“From our first visit, we could see that Fort Collins was a hub for first class brewing,” said Red Truck Beer Company General Manager Jim Dodds. “We wanted to join this passionate community of brewers and beer lovers and share our love of beers and brewing with them.”


At the For Collins location, Red Truck will be pouring 18 beers on tap, showcasing Red Truck’s four flagship beers alongside 14 other rotating, seasonal, and Fort Collins-specific taps. Like the original Truck Stop in Vancouver, Fort Collins will feature full calendar of live music, a collection of vintage red trucks, and culture community events.

This isn’t the only expansion plan for Red Truck either. They’ve already started developing another brewery in Denver, with expectation that it will be ready to start serving sometime in 2019.

Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 12.51.44 PM.png

These expansions warranted a new overhaul of the branding as well, so Red Truck would feel more of an inclusive brand to our American cousins. The overhaul can be seen at It’s a slick new design that feels very ‘homegrown’ and definitely fits in with the Colorado vibe.


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