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Sipping Spotlight: Montreal’s Cold Room

Every so often there comes along a bar that makes you feel special to have even found the place, Cold Room is the epitome of that experience.

Cold Room is one of those bars that survives purely through rumor, the mysterious bar that lays hidden in plain sight. Nestled in the exceptionally high trafficked area of old Montreal, and literally a stone’s throw from some of the most touristy spots in the city, you’d never even know Cold Room existed if you weren’t looking for it.

That’s exactly what makes Cold Room special; a speakeasy that allows you to transport from the hustle of cheap tourist merchandise to a time before prohibition, when patrons knocked on the right door were led down a dark stairwell to enjoy a night of drinking before exiting an entirely different door to avoid suspicion.

If you haven’t noticed yet, I’ve not revealed where Cold Room is, nor how to access this particular watering hole. That is intentional. Part of the experience is finding Cold Room on your own, and learning how to enter. Even just writing about the bar ruins some of the charm.

I will however share just why this is worth seeking out: the fantastic cocktail program. As with any good cocktail bar, the bartenders are attentive to your needs. You can order any number of classic cocktails with confidence, or several of their own creations like the Duck which incorporates whiskey, amaretto, suze, duck fat and bitters. Or try the Hummingbird which has tequila blanco, vermouth, chili pepper, honey and chocolate bitters.

Of course you can also just let the bartender know what you like and leave it up to their capable hands.


There is a limited food menu, but let’s face it, you’re here for the drinks, not for the food.

As I mentioned, I won’t be revealing the location or secrets of Cold Room, other than suggesting that if you are in Montreal and are interested in seeking it out, you should #followtheduck.

Good luck!

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