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Toronto’s Mill Street Brewing Doubles Down on Organic Beer

Toronto’s Mill Street Brewing recently announced that they are upping their organic beer game, by certifying their entire core beer lineup as 100% organic.

The company is no stranger to organic beer; they’ve been offering their core Mill Street Lager, and 100th Meridian as organic for some time now. But as one of a handful of beer companies in the country that can boast organic products, they are doubling down that consumers will find this an increasingly important aspect to their ever expanding drinking choices.

Starting immediately, Cobblestone Stout and Tankhouse Ale will join Original Organic Lager and 100th Meridian as organic. A recent national survey conducted by Mill Street revealed that organic beer is in high demand and in fact, 74% of Canadians who want cleaner beer options expect the variety in their organic beer choices to keep up with the increasing availability of organic food products.

That survey also found that 1 in 4 Canadians believe there is a lack of organic beer options on store shelves, a statistic that I can definitely agree with. Organic beer is difficult to ensure, it means a higher standard for ingredients and a rigorous process, so it’s no surprise there aren’t many breweries that can boast an organic certification at the moment.

“We first brewed our organic beer in 2002 and being organic certified is no easy feat, so I am proud to share our new organic core lineup with beer lovers across Canada,” says Joel Manning, Head Brewmaster, Mill Street Brewery. “Every step of our brewing process is deliberate and pursued with rigour. We are excited to offer Canadians a best-in-class organic beer that has been produced with care. We are constantly focused on what we do best – delivering the experience of truly unique, premium beers.”

Mill Street’s new organic lineup is now available in stores.

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