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Sipping Spotlight: Calgary’s Proof

Proof is a testament to how much Calgary has grown up; gone are the days of bad beer and blaring country music (well not entirely gone), and the new nightlife contains a more bespoke approach and some damn fine craft cocktails.

The calibre of Proof is evident the minute you walk in the doors. The eye is immediately drawn to the wall of liquor from all over the world, speciality liqueurs that help drive the creative cocktail program.

The bar has a very antique feel to it, with vintage blankets from the Hudson Bay Company strewn about the leather sofas and chairs. The lighting is moody and low at night, a stark contrast during the day when the bay windows around the bar brighten up the space with natural light.

Proof has been open since 2015, and made it’s mark on Calgary almost instantly. The bar regularly wins Best Cocktail Bar with the Best of Calgary awards, and it goes beyond the phenomenal cocktail program. Proof proves their knowledge and cocktail expertise through educated staff, endless information, and detailed cocktails descriptions. Their passion is helping you discover new history, geography and tidbits about the liquor you love.

The cocktail list is constantly rotating to take advantage of new ideas and fresh ingredients, but there should always be something you can enjoy based on how you like your spirits.

Screen Shot 2018-05-24 at 4.20.52 PM.png

Proof is located in downtown Calgary at 1302 1st Street, it’s worth the effort to find the place that is helping Calgary elevate its bar scene.

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