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Ride on Down to Vancouver’s Latest Brewery: Electric Bicycle Brewing

The long anticipated opening of Electric Bicycle brewing has finally happened. The brewery officially opened its doors as of May 4th, and it’s about damn time.

Electric Bicycle is conveniently located on East 4th ave, quite literally a few doors down from R&B Brewing. If you thought the area was already crowded enough and doesn’t have room for another craft brewer, then you’re crazy. Not only is another addition welcome, but Electric Bicycle has managed to switch things up not only with their aesthetics but also with their beer lineup. I was going to add in some photos of the space, but I really think you should experience it first hand.

Whereas R&B is like a friends basement bar, or Brassneck is the wood cabin of your dreams, Electric Bicycle is something out of a psychedelic dream state. Colors and patterns litter the exterior and interior, making it one of the most standout brewery decors in Vancouver (I’d argue Andina takes the cake in the exterior decor department).

As for the beer, things are a little different than the standard fare. For starters, they’ve already started off with outsourcing beer ideas from the public, with one of their first beers being a Sorbet IPA with mango, pineapple and toasted coconut. At the moment, they have four other beers in the lineup: a pale ale, Auz ale, Kolsch and another IPA. Expect the lineup to grow as the brewery matures, but a good start at the moment, especially with crowdsourcing the Sorbet IPA.


Oh and let’s not forget the fact that grilled cheese is on the menu. That’s right, get whatever daily grilled cheese is cooked up along with other snack options like picked veg, olives and of course fruit by the foot.

So, is it worth going to at the moment? Yes, the decor itself is worth checking out as I guarantee you haven’t seen a brewery like this in Vancouver. The beer is good, not outstanding, but again they’ve just opened their doors so judging a brewery on the first week is bad form, most need time to grow into an identity. The one thing I will say, is be prepared to wait. This is not a big tasting room, and judging by the amount of people interested in Electric Bicycle you’d think Vancouver didn’t have any other breweries to visit.

My suggestion, give it a few weeks, let the “opening night” craze die down just a little and not only will you benefit from not having to wait, but the beers will have a chance to improve as well.

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