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The Top Five BC Based Wheat Beers

British Columbia loves wheat beer. Thanks to long summers and warm weather, wheat beer tends to be one of the most popular choices when it comes to patio beer.

Wheat beers are exactly what the name implies, it’s an ale that is brewed with a large proportion of wheat relative to barley. There are a number of styles that fall into this category, but for the most part Hefeweizen dominates the landscape here.

Hefeweizen’s are well known for their low hop bitterness and relatively high carbonation. Many Hefeweizens give off a clove-like taste with other prominent notes being banana, bubble gum or vanilla.

Wheat beers are also a very complimentary style when it comes to adding in fruits. Because of the natural sweetness and carbonation of the beer, fruit infusions pair nicely by adding in some unique tartness or additional sweetness.

Howe Sound- King Heffy


If there is one BC Hefeweizen that can call itself the king, it’s this beer. Decorated with awards, this is a bold hefeweizen that isn’t afraid to smack you in the face with taste.

The smell coming off this beer is strong with banana and cloves. Initially you can taste the wheat tones before the banana kicks in with a vanilla aftertaste. High in alcohol and highly enjoyable.

Steel & Oak- Smoked Hefeweizen


This was the very first bomber released by Steel & Oak and this smoked hefeweizen is unique due to smoky nose and flavor complimenting this excellent beer. They’ve since released a barrel aged version alongside the original.

Smoke is relatively strong with this one but it does give way to other flavors of citrus and tropical fruit. Complex but light and flavorful.

Tree Brewing- Mellow Moon Pineapple Hefewiezen


Based in Kelowa, Tree Brewing definitely has a knack for knowing thirst quenching beer. Hefeweizen is a style that works well with fruit flavors, and while pineapple may not be native to the Okanagan, Tree has certainly found a winning combination here.

This hazy beer gives off notes of wheat and pineapple, just as expected. While the beer is rather sweet, it’s not as overpowering as you may guess with the wheat balancing out the fruit nicely.

Ravens Brewing- Raspberry Hefeweizen


Ravens Brewing, located in the heart of the Fraser Valley has the unique benefit of being able to capitalize on the abundance of fresh fruit in the area during the spring and summer. This Hefeweizen uses fresh Abbotsford raspberries to create an exceptionally well made beer.

Pouring cloudy and red, this beer gives a nose of fresh fruit, wheat and some yeast. The combo of sweet and tart adds character to the body and finishes with a nice dryness.

Moon Under Water- This is Hefeweizen


Creativity may have been lost when naming this beer, but there’s no doubt the team at Moon Under Water is serious about this beer. Sticking to extreme rules in brewing a traditional German style Hefeweizen this is one of the few Hef’s that is openly fermented and totally Bavarian.

Due to the traditional nature of this beer, there are light notes of banana and clove with a wheat forward taste. Slightly creamy due to the open ferment, this is a proper Hefeweizen not to be missed.

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