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Sipping Spotlight: Chicago’s Three Dots and a Dash

Three Dot and a Dash is one of those cocktail bars you know you’re going to love just by walking in the door.

If you haven’t guessed already, Three Dots is a tiki bar, but it’s not that kitschy kind of tiki bar that your friends drag you to when they are feeling like some kind of awful blue blended ice drink that reminds them of that one time on the beach of Hawaii. No no, Three Dots is a hidden gem of a tiki bar, with some serious care given to the menu and the cocktails.

First off, let’s talk caliber. Three Dots has been named one of The World’s 50 Best Bars by Drinks International. It also happens to be a little removed, and a little hidden, both very good signs of a cocktail bar. All of the drinks utilize the freshest exotic fruits and spices, the finest rums and distilled spirits, and juices and elixirs that are cold-pressed and concocted in house every day.


And the drinks are incredibly unique. Take for example the namesake ‘Three Dots and a Dash’, it features aged martinque rum agricole, aged demerara rum, falernum, allspice, honey, orange and lime. Or let’s say you’re out with a group and want to get crazy; share the Bali Bali which is a giant bowl of passion fruit, orange, pineapple, lime, falernum, Puerto Rican rum, Armagnac and London Dry Gin (it is pricey though at $85US).

The food menu may be more limited than the cocktail menu, but that doesn’t mean they’ve skimped on quality. The tuna poke and the coconut shrimp are fantastic, but if you’re hungry, may as well go all in on the Pu Pu platter which has something for everyone.


Three Dots and a Dash is morse code for “V” which was code for victory during World War II. It’s certainly fitting for this cocktail bar which serves up a winning combination of food and beverage at any time of year. The bar is especially needed during the cold winter months in Chicago, so expect to find some heavy crowds during that time of year.

For more information about Three Dots and a Dash you can visit their website.

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