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The World’s Best Tasting Experiences

Tasting experiences are the most intimate ways of experiencing the true flavours of certain wine and spirits. While most producers offer tours at their distilleries, wineries or breweries, there are a few that inevitably rise up to the top. These are the producers that have gone the extra mile to make your tasting experience completely unforgettable, and you’ll be raving about the experience for years to come.

Here are a few of the world’s most unique experiences, offering more than just a sip of some expensive spirits.

Tequila Herradura Express- Guadalajara, Mexico


Imagine a serene train ride through the rolling agave fields of Jalisco, to one of the last standing traditional Tequila haciendas in Mexico. A luxurious 90 minute train ride, complete with complimentary food and beverage service begins the tour until you arrive at Casa Herradura, set against the unforgettable backdrop of Volcán de Tequila.

After a complete tour of the 140 year old distillery, guests are treated to a full lunch with live entertainment before getting back on the train for the return trip, of course with cocktails and more incredible views of the agave fields.

The Scotch Whisky Experience- Edinburgh, Scotland

The Scotch Whisky Experience would be the brainchild of Willy Wonka had he been interested in Whisky more than chocolate. The world’s largest private collection of whisky is here on full display, and you get the chance to experience the production of whisky in the comfort of your very own whisky barrel cart. Go for the ultimate experience; at three hours you get the full tour, five whisky tastings and a three-course Scottish tasting meal.

Beer Spa at Zábřeh Chateau- Czech Republic


Taking a love of beer to an extreme, here you can indulge your senses with everything Lager by not only partaking in a traditional Czech beer that has been around since 1574, but also dipping your sore muscles into a beer filled bath. This full service spa incorporates several elements of beer into the experience, including beer infused massage oils; finish the day off by spending the night in this 16th century manor. Truly an experience that you won’t forget.

The World’s Oldest Spirit, House of Bols- Amsterdam, Holland

I’m willing to bet you didn’t know that the world’s oldest spirit producer comes from Amsterdam. The House of Bols has been in production since 1575 and their Genever (an early precursor to Gin) stood at the basis of the cocktail revolution in 19th century America. An hour long tour takes you through the rich history of the brand, and the impact they’ve had on the development of the spirits category, which culminates in a personalized cocktail at their specialized ‘mirror bar’.

Edivo Viva Underwater Winery- Drače, Croatia


About an hour’s drive from Dubrovnik, wine lovers can quite literally dive into this tasting experience. The wines, stored in tightly-corked amphorae, are aged for one to two years in a sunken boat that acts as an underwater cellar. Wine lovers have the chance to dive down into the Mediterranean depths to see the winery in action. According to the owners, the ocean’s naturally cool temperature and complete silence vastly improves the quality of the wine.

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