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Craft Beer to Drink For Superbowl LII

Do yourself a favour and don’t drink Budweiser or Coors for the Superbowl this weekend. Instead, why not down some craft beer from your favourite teams home state?

Let’s be clear here, this is not a “craft breweries you should visit in Boston/Philly” list. This is a “for the love of god buy some beer that comes from your team’s hometown” list. Therefore, your favourite brewpub won’t be on here.

If you support New England

Samuel Adams


Look this is the obvious choice. It’s the largest brewing operation that originates out of Boston and will be 100% the easiest way for drinkers to show their support behind the Patriots. At least it’s not garbage (like Brady’s throwing arm).

Harpoon Brewing


Another Boston institution that should be fairly easy to find, particularly the Harpoon IPA. Fun fact, Harpoon and Yards have made a bet where the losing brewery will have to pour the winners for an entire day and wear the team jerseys.

If you support Philadelphia

Victory Brewing


Victory Brewing is available in over 30 states, so you should be able to pound back some Lagers or IPA and represent that Philly pride.

Yards Brewing


Yards recently opened the largest brewing facility in Philadelphia, so they should have no problem shipping out a large batch of brew over to Harpoon when the time comes.

No matter who wins the Superbowl on Sunday, if you’re drinking craft beer, everyone is a winner!

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