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Last Minute Craft Beer Gifts

It happens to the best of us, the holidays crept up way faster than anticipated and now you’re scrambling to get some last minute gifts. Under pressure, finding the right gift can be even worse, so why not give the gift of beer!

Here’s a few last minute craft beer that are sure to be a hit, so much so, you may want to buy a second one for yourself!

Innis & Gunn- Frank & Sense


Innis & Gunn embodies the holiday spirit with an extremely festive new beer called Frank & Sense. The limited-edition golden ale is actually infused with – I kid you not – Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh. It’s full-flavoured, with luscious malts on the nose and packed with rich buttered toast and toffee popcorn flavours.

Granville Island- Belgian Quad


A quad is the strongest of Trappist-style ales. This limited release from Granville Island pours ruby-ish brown with notes of raisin, plum, and a hint of chocolate. And it’s 11% ABV, so it’s approaching wine in terms of alcohol content.

Vancouver Island Brewing- Hermannator Ice Bock


2017 marks the 30th anniversary of Hermannator. To celebrate VIB aged Hermannator in red wine barrels, leaving it with beautiful notes of red wine, sherry, and plum that will only get better with time. This is a must have for any serious beer collector.

Four Winds- Quadrennial


Four Winds opened in 2013, which means they’ve been aging this beer since DAY ONE. That’s some commitment. Aged in red wine barrels for four years and finished on black currants, Quadrennial has developed a unique depth of character with rich undertones of tart berries and chocolate. Deep brown in colour, this dark sour is well balanced with a pronounced acidity and a pleasantly puckering finish.

Unibroue- 17 Grand Reserve


17 Grande Réserve is brewed once a year. This highly complex beer holds equal appeal for beer enthusiasts as for wine lovers. It’s a strong dark Belgian Ale that ages well over the years. Hold onto this one and see how it transforms.

Hoyne Brewing- Gratitude


This lovely bottle is quite literally wrapped by hand, so all the work is done for you. It is is luscious and full bodied, and also a bit spicy.  At 9% it can sneak up and overpower you!


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